Sep 07, 2012

LitFest Out And About Across The Island

The Lit Mob has been out and about across the island, taking to the busking stage at the Vale Earth Fair to perform a poem about beards (complete with a wonderful array of fake facefuzz, see picture).  They also took the opportunity to perform some on-the-spot limerick readings, which went down very well with those festival goers.

Last Saturday they were on the prowl again, entertaining shoppers in town.

Thanks to everyone who came to speak to us at both the Vale Earth Fair and last Saturday's Good Food Guernsey.  We hope to see you all at the LitFest next week.

This weekend tickets for the festival will be on sale at the greenhouse gallery in the Tourist Information Centre in town, and at the end of next week tickets can be bought from the Artsmobile, which will be parked in Market Square.  So there are no excuses to miss out.