22 Jun - 03 Jul Exhibition

Ebenezer Le Page: Illustrated

at George Crossan Gallery
Wednesday 22 June until Sunday 03 July from 10:00 to 16:00

An exhibition of 14 new original illustrative works by artist Charlie Buchanan. Her large-scale watercolour works highlight key narrative points throughout G.B. Edwards’ Guernsey masterpiece The Book of Ebenezer Le Page. These works form part of a new illustrated edition of the classic book which will be released later in the year as well as a set of commemorative stamps to be issued in August by Guernsey Post. Charlie creates vibrant, poetic works which bring the characters and the island to life as Ebenezer grows from a boy in the early 1900s, through the German Occupation of the island and onwards to Ebenezer in old age.

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