May 4, 2018

Celebrating the Harry Potter books

1. Could you describe in a couple of sentences what happens in your event?

It’s an informal, interactive and incredibly fun family event. The audience gets to meet Fleurble Laffalot who is a bit of an inept super fan, but what she lacks in competence she makes up for in enthusiasm. Fleurble wants to celebrate the awesomeness of the Potterverse with as many people as possible. For the 2018 event we’ll be taking a whistle-stop tour through the grounds of Hogwarts where we will recreate, with as much silliness as possible, different lessons and experiences that Harry Potter and his friends experience in the Harry Potter books.

2. I heard that you were very successful at the Hay Festival last year. Could you tell me about other places where you've performed? Is it always festivals?

We’ve taken incarnations of the event all over the country for the past three years in all types of venues. We’ve visited libraries, school halls, festival tents, theatres, and even castles. It doesn’t matter what the venue is, the audience always come ready for a fun and thats all I need! 

3. What drew you to Harry Potter? Why is it so attractive still to children today?

There are so many ways to answer this question!

Firstly, I think magic and spells is universal to any time. J K Rowling has created such a different and fully fleshed out world that readers want to visit. It’s exciting and full of adventure but at the heart of the story is friendship, courage and love.

As children get a little older, there is so much depth to the books and they explore identity in a really dynamic and accessible way. Take something as simple as the Sorting Hat ceremony, you ultimately decide your house. You get to decide who you want to be, what values and characteristics you feel are important and what you want to put into the world. For young people who are making those decisions in real life, its an incredible gift. 

And now, we have a whole new cohort of young readers whose parents essentially also went to Hogwarts twenty years ago. The theme of passing knowledge and experience down to the next generation is a huge part of the series and families are now getting to experience that too.

4.Could you give me a couple of biog details.

I’ve been running performative events for publishers since 2011, using play and interaction to further engage young readers. I’m based in London, have a clowning arts and storytelling background and play is pretty much at the centre of everything I do. When I’m not being Fleurble Laffalot, you would find me playing at children’s hospitals as Dr Whoopeeeee for the charity Theodora (Google them, they’re pretty great!) 

To find out more visit www.fleuralexander.com



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