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Jan 21, 2019

2019 WriteStuff Competition

Young writers are being asked to create a special place from their imagination for this year’s WriteStuff competition, which is open to local pupils in the Bailiwick of Guernsey. The competition has been launched this week by the Guernsey Literary Festival.

The title for this year’s 300-word competition is ‘Imaginary Worlds’. Using their imaginations, writers should think about who they would be and where would they be in this special place of their own creation.

Head judge for the competition will be a man who knows all about strange and wonderful places, historian, explorer and best-selling author Huw Lewis-Jones, and the three other judges will be award-winning authors Kiran Millwood Hargrave, Ross Collins and Piers Torday. Filter judges will be Tony Booth and Rachel Wyatt.

The first thing to do, the organisers suggest, would be to create a map of the imaginary world and use it as inspiration for their writing. It need not be complicated. Just start with a single sheet of paper, a pencil, and go from there…

‘Think of Winnie the Pooh in the 100 Acre Wood, Harry Potter at Hogwarts or Long John Silver on Treasure Island.’

Entrants do not have to write a whole story – they should focus on crafting an episode which brings them and their imaginary world to life.

The competition, which is sponsored again this year by Julius Baer, has a closing date of 18 March and there are three classes, Primary (years 3-6), Intermediate (years 7-9) and Senior (years 10+). The competition is supported by the Schools Library Service and Island Mums.

The judges will look for interesting character(s) in memorable settings, clever plot choices, well-chosen dialogue, and the ability to create emotion. Entrants do not need to write a whole story but should focus on crafting an episode which really showcases the power of the story they are telling. 

Head judge Huw Lewis-Jones says, ‘Many famous writers begin with a map, and we want you to do likewise. So, imagine a world of your own and go and get lost in it. As readers, and judges, we can’t wait to go on marvellous journeys with you, to meet curious creatures and explore unknown places.’ 

Jean-Luc Le Tocq, from the competition sponsors, says, 'This year’s competition encourages children to be imaginative and creative, something that Julius Baer has always encouraged in youth education.’

There will be a cash prize of £50 and a trophy for the winner in each category, with £25 cash prizes for second and third places. In addition, the three winners in each category will be awarded a certificate and have their entries and the maps that inspired them published on the website. 

All 9 winning stories will also have an illustration produced of their story by local artist Charlie Buchanan. It will serve as a cover on their digital story and the original artwork will be given to the winners as part of their prize.
Each school which is represented by entries will receive a copy of a book signed by one of the judges.

All entries should be submitted directly through the website: www.writestuff.gg 

More information and entry details are available on the WriteStuff website or from the Guille-Alles library or school libraries.



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