Book Club Corner

Book Club Corner is an opportunity to share our experiences of books that really work for a book club; they may not be the most popular or the most gripping but they do provoke discussion and debate. Have you passionately defended a story that someone else in the book club hated? Have you found yourself discussing subjects on which everyone had a different opinion - lucid dreaming, marital in delity, the nature of happiness? What constitutes good writing?

If you have any suggestions of a good book club book(s) why not email us and we will be delighted to include it in Book Club Corner. Mark the book out of 10, with 10 being perfect for the group and 0 being not worth the paper...

An example of what we are looking for would be:

Collenette Club: Small Great Things, by Jodi Picoult.
This story looks at what happens when a black midwife and white supremacist parents clash in the maternity ward. Following a tragedy, the resulting events are viewed from the perspective of three of the people involved.
Several people enjoyed it but some hated it with a deep loathing. Battle commenced. Good book club book: 8/10.
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