Guernsey Literary Festival

Robin Lustig

What a wonderful event! It was a real pleasure to visit Guernsey and meet so many enthusiastic festival-goers.

Duncan and Nuala Calvi

Thanks for having us! We had a wonderful time. It was a pleasure meeting some of the other authors, as well as the lovely volunteers, and quite exciting to give our talk in an inflatable igloo!  Also, I was really pleased to get to celebrate Liberation Day in Guernsey, as it’s something so many people had told me about during my research last year.  The staff at Les Cotils were all very welcoming too, and generally we felt very well looked after.

Terry Waite

Victor Hugo struck lucky when he was exiled to Guernsey! The population of just over 60.000 host an amazingly creative Festival every couple of years. Hugo's writings inspired Tolstoy. Today the festival continues to inspire people from all over the world. Well worth a visit.

Gwyneth Lewis

Guernsey has always been an exceptional place and its Literary Festival is the same. Poems on the move is a project that knows that everybody, not only authors, can be a poet of place and that, as well as picturesque scenery, we need poems to wonder at as we travel.

Vanessa Le Valley

It was fantastic to be part of the Guernsey Literary Festival, such a wonderful line up of speakers, great topics and seamless organisation.  The energy from attendees was amazing, engaged, questioning and eager to participate.  Well done to everyone who made the festival such a resounding success, I will definitely be back next year, one of the best literary festivals I have attended.

Richard Beard

A fantastic line-up of writers visibly enjoying Guernsey's engaged and generous audiences. A literary festival fresh with sea-air and curiosity.

John Kirk

On Guernsey I discovered more than just a brilliant festival, beautiful scenery and wonderful people, I discovered an infectious passion for books.  My family and I were made to feel very welcome and I left with memories we will treasure forever.

Marie Hugo

I went this year to the Guernsey Literary Festival, to present the book on our ancestor's house Hauteville House it was a great feeling to be gathered on an island and meet lots of interesting people, telling us their story, the overall feeling was very friendly, full of good vibes and wonderful energies.

Andy Watts and Sam Davies, Wavey “n’ Snots

We had an incredible trip sharing our silly story, Cloud Cuckoo Land with all and would love to return next year. The children and staff at Vauvert School were wonderful. Thank you to all for such a superb festival.



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