Guernsey Literary Festival

Irma Kurtz in Guernsey

IRMA KURTZ: My Life in Agony

Born in New Jersey, Irma took a degree in English Literature before travelling around Europe and finally settling in London. There she joined the brand-new Cosmopolitan magazine and launched its iconic agony-aunt column, which she then also wrote for the American edition. Irma has written two novels, three travel books and three self –help books, including the critically acclaimed About Time: Growing Old Disgracefully. In My Life in Agony, Irma looks back on the seismic transformations that have taken place over the last four decades, as well as her own often hectic and often difficult life as a single mum from America living in London.




Friday 18 September | 13:15-14:15 at Town Church | Ticket price: £10/£5 | BOOK NOW






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