Guernsey Literary Festival

Deborah Cadbury in Guernsey

DEBORAH  CADBURY: Chocolate Wars

Deborah Cadbury delves into her family history to explore how Quaker values shaped the development of Cadbury and the pioneering British chocolatiers. In the aftermath of the Kraft takeover, what has happened to those values?

PLEASE NOTE: Owing to the sad death of Sir Adrian Cadbury, who was instrumental in the writing of Chocolate Wars, our  guest speaker, Deborah Cadbury, will now be attending his funeral on 17th September.
WDF Deborah Cadbury - Chocolate Wars will now take place on
Monday 21st September 2015




Monday 21 September | 12:00-14:00 at Les Rocquettes Hotel | Ticket price:£25 | BOOK NOW
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