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School Talks: The Astonishing Future of Alex Nobody

Kate Gilby-Smith

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Have you ever thought what it might be like if you were famous in the future? On the day Alex was born, crowds surrounded the hospital. On her first day of school, people spied from the gates. And recently, strangers came to watch her perform in her school play as the llama. But why? Alex has always been a nobody. When a mysterious boy named Jasper starts at school, he alone seems to know the answer. But before he can tell Alex, he disappears into the year 2100. Can Alex brave travelling into the future to unravel the secret of her own astonishing destiny before time runs out? A brilliant middle-grade adventure for fans of Ross Welford - a story about friendship, courage and embracing our talents even when they make us stand out.

Kate Gilby Smith was born on the sunny island of Guernsey. It was daydreaming during a philosophy of time travel seminar at Edinburgh University that she first had the idea for this story. She now works as a publicist at a London publisher of science, philosophy and history books. 

Year 7 Talks:

Wednesday 19th May

9 – 10 am: Les Beaucamps

11 am – 12 pm: La Mare High

2-3 pm: Blanchelande

Wed 24th May

08:30-09:30am: Ladies College

Tuesday 25th May

Elizabeth College Junior School


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