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Reading Between The Lines

Emma Bache

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La Seigneurie, Sark


What Your Handwriting Says about You

From a relatively small sample of handwriting Emma Bache, one of the UK’s leading handwriting experts, can ascertain fascinating insights into the personality and character of the individual including reliability, energy levels, social skills and honesty as well as compatibility between couples and business associates. Emma has made countless television appearances and has had columns in both the Times and the FT. She has helped to solve cases of fraud for both private individuals and the corporate world, giving an insight into the criminal mind. 

The ticket price includes a tour of the Hesters’ house and artist’s studio with champagne and canapés. By emailing [email protected] the first 12 to book will also receive a tour of the Seigneurie; the gardens are open to all. Sark Shipping is offering ticket holders a special day return rate of £19.90 (departure 10:00, return 16:00) and an optional lunch at Hathaways can be booked by calling 01481 832290.

Event itinerary from Guernsey
10:00     Leave Guernsey.
11:00     Arrive Sark (will be met at the top of the hill, and escorted by Jess Hester).
11:20     Arrive at the Hester’s house for champagne and canapés for a tour of the home and artist’s studio.
11:50     Depart for Seigneurie (ample time to get to the Seigneurie and be seated).
12:15     Talk and individual readings by Emma Bache.
13:30     Lunch at Hathaways. Attendance optional, but must be pre-booked.
14:15     Tour of Seigneurie or Seigneurie Gardens.
15:00     Start walking back to the Tractor to head down to the harbour.
15:30     Ride downhill to harbour.
16:00     Boat leaves.
17:00    Arrive back in Guernsey.

Lunch option at Hathaway's Restaurant
Quiche & Chips/Salad.       £10
Soup of the Day with Crusty Bread £8
Chicken Caesar Salad.       £11.50
All above are served with a soft drink
And the price quoted is per person.


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