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Down… But Not Out - SOLD OUT

Mat Desforges

Date and time

Guille-Alles Library


Mat Desforges had, like many of us,   suffered from low periods during his life. It wasn’t until he had a particularly difficult ‘episode’ that he realised that if he didn’t seek to resolve this - and quickly - then things could get a lot worse. 

Down… But Not Out is an insightful, uplifting and sometimes funny story of the ‘episode’, how Mat sought help, his recovery and how he discovered the various reasons for his low periods; reasons which he believes lead to many people feeling like he did. Importantly, it also takes us through the sustainable solutions he found to help him live a generally happier life. 

Mat has worked abroad and travelled extensively. He is currently on a “global family adventure” with his family but is back in Guernsey for a few weeks. 

Chaired by Chris Chamberlain of Guernsey Mind.

Mat's book will be published in July but available for preorder at this event.

Please email [email protected] to be added to the waiting list.

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